IT Managed Care

Standard IT Support Packages


A) Unlimited Managed IT Support

DataGuys will become your IT department. By functioning as a part of your team, we deliver end-to-end IT support, handling all technology issues from daily tasks to strategic consulting needs. Our dedicated systems engineers and technical staff will proactively monitor and improve your technology infrastructure by completing routine maintenance on your servers, workstations, mobile devices, and any other company hardware. We monitor the critical parts of your network 24/7, and we respond immediately if any servers or workstations are unavailable or offline.


Package Benefits:


•   24/7 Help Desk & Remote Support
•   24/7 Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
•   Unlimited Business Hours On-Site Support
•   Consulting and Recommendations


B) Remote Managed IT Support

DataGuys will continually manage the core components of your managed network systems. Our systems engineers monitor the hardware and overall functionality of your network to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. We accomplish this through remote management software that immediately sends email and text alerts to our own mobile devices as soon as a potential problem arises.


Package Benefits:


•   24/7 Help Desk & Remote Support
•   24/7 Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
•   Consulting and Recommendation
•   On-Site Support Available On Demand (Pay Per Hour)


C) Cloud Computing (Virtualization)

By transitioning to the cloud, your business can stop purchasing unnecessary hardware, while gaining access to company information via any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. DataGuys will help you take advantage of cloud technologies by guiding you through the business virtualization process, and then managing your infrastructure to keep the system running smoothly. Our systems engineers will analyze your existing infrastructure, determine how your business can use cloud computing to cut costs and increase productivity, and implement a new cloud-integrated infrastructure designed to support peak times without risk.


Package Benefits:


•   Consulting and Recommendations
•   Server Virtualization
•   Virtualization Management
•   Virtualization Deployments


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