About Us

About DataGuys


Based in San Diego since 1998, DataGuys has provided businesses with personalized IT consulting and management solutions rooted in proactive, cost-efficient service (remote and on-site). Led by senior Office 365 consultant Gregory Hall, we specialize in Microsoft Office 365 migrations and tech support. Our mission is to offer “IT the way it should be,” and we owe our continued success to that philosophy.


IT the Way It Should Be


With 15+ years’ experience in the industry, DataGuys has developed a customer-centric IT service model to break the mold of the reactive IT service provider. Rather than waiting for you to tell us when you notice an IT problem, we do our best to monitor your systems and prevent issues from affecting your business at all. And instead of focusing on the number of billable hours we can squeeze out of you, DataGuys technicians focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible. We are your dedicated partner in IT, because that’s the way it should be.


Key Goals for Our Clients:


•   Develop custom IT systems to increase business productivity
•   Reduce overhead costs and prolong equipment life
•   Proactively monitor IT conditions to eliminate unexpected failures
•   Reduce business downtime by practicing efficient tech support


DataGuys accomplishes these four key goals by delivering comprehensive, reliable IT support around the clock. Our senior systems engineers are dedicated to maintaining strong, fluid information technology systems for our clients. Our senior executives are dedicated to giving the technical team the freedom and resources required to fulfill that agreement. It’s all part our mission to offer IT the way it should be.

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